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Welcome to Donkin Family Winery!

For years the Donkin Family has been making award winning wines for their personal enjoyment. Our goal is to handcraft extra-ordinary red wines that rival the finest wines in the US and Europe, by our dedication to traditional wine-making techniques, securing the finest grapes from the finest Washington vineyards, and by always protecting the natural unique character of the Washington terror in our wines.

We have dedicated countless hours to studying winemaking technique and how the character of the vineyard impacts the character of our wine. We have researched nearly every vineyard in Washington in determining which grapes to include in our wines. Top vineyard owners know the dedication of the Donkin Family to making extra-ordinary wine and have granted us the privilege of their finest grapes. Few large winemakers have the access to the top grapes that we enjoy.

Washington produces some of this country's finest grapes and we have taken that natural character to create wines that are fruit-forward and drinkable after two year new French oak barrel aging, but with enough structured for longevity. Our wines have the tannins and complexity to age another 20 year to reach their peak, if you have the will-power to not drink them now.

We have traveled the world studying how great wineries grow their grapes and craft their wines. Trips to Napa Valley, Willamette Valley, Yakima Valley, Walla Walla Valley, Italy, France and New Zealand have been our classroom for the education and perspective needed for making World-class wine.

Our careful crush crew hand-selects every grape that goes into our wine. We call our wines "single berry select" after the great European tradition of hand crafted wines. Our wines have received "blue ribbons" at local blind tastings and some national acclaim from internet wine video blogs. We believe that our 2010 wines will exceed our "blue ribbon" years and will truly be World-class wines.

Donkin Family wines are not available in any stores and are sold only on a member list. Occasionally, our wines are donated to charity auctions and are available to the lucky few of you who make a donation. The 2008 wines are completely sold out, there may be a little 2009 wine left, but we won't know until in March of 2012.

To request a place on our member list, please email your contact information to howard@donkinfamilywinery.com